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Have Questions about Cat Behavior?

Does your cat pee outside the box or behave badly? Learn more from Professional Cat Behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett's website and even schedule a 1:1 consultation.

How to Help Feral Cats

Feline Fix

Feline Fix is a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program available in Middle Tennessee. For more information please visit their website.


The Cat Shoppe has cat and kitten traps available to loan for free with a $50 deposit refundable upon return. Call (615) 297-7877 to confirm availablity.

Lost or Found a Cat?

Has your cat gone missing or have you found a cat? If you have adopted from the Cat Shoppe and your cat escaped, call (615) 297-7877 immediately.

Post flyers around the neighborhood and to your neighbors like the example here. Use a large close-up so it can be identified from 20 feet away. 

Use Facebook groups for your local area and neighborhood. 

Skippy Lou's Lost and Found Pets

Nashville Lost and Found Pets

Help Me Home Lost and Found Pets of Middle Tennessee

Fill out a lost pet form at Metro Animal Care and Control and view their website. 

Download and Read the Document

Tips For Finding A Lost Indoor-Only Cat

By Jack Kitsch with Skippy Lou's Lost and Found Pets


Tips for Finding a Lost Indoor-Only Cat
Tips For Finding A Lost Indoor.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [59.7 KB] is a free service, it lists your cat on their site + sends a fax notice to 25 local vets and shelters. It also gives you a copy of a free flyer that it makes for you without the owner having to do any of the work. It fills in the fields from the info that the owner gives on the lost pet form. It also shows you a list of where it sent the flyers to so that an owner can follow up with other vets, shelters and rescues and make sure that all of them are covered. Pretty good for a free service.

Looking to find a home for a Cat or Kittens?


If you have a cat or kitten in need of a home, please go to and contact the local rescues and shelters in your area. If the shelters are full, we recommend following these tips to help them find a home before taking them to a shelter. With a little time and creativity, you can save a can do it and it's a very rewarding experience.


Also, visit and look in the directory for a full list of cat rescues and shelters in the Nashville area.


Helpful tip! If your kitty has been tested, spayed or neutered, and has had vaccines, that will make them more desirable for adoption.

We highly recommend utilizing Facebook to spread the word. If you create a compelling post, ask your friends to share (NOT JUST LIKE), you will have thousands of eyes on your post and it only takes a few to change the life of that animal.

You are welcome to share your post on our Facebook page to help spread the word. Because Facebook only allows ONE photo to display in our public comments area please upload it to us as a public comment and either

1. Create a flyer with multiple photos. *RECOMMENDED for best results for maximum shares and visibility.
2. Upload a single photo (pick the cutest one) and upload more (for example - to show individuals from a litter of kittens) underneath the photo in the comments area for that post.

For best results, they should use a well exposed and sharp photo up close at eye level with the cat looking at the camera. Provide information such as why they are they needing homes, personality, ages, male/female, any medical info such as tested, shots...etc.

Photos taken at a distance make the cats/kittens seem not as approachable. For photo tips and instruction, please visit

If you do not have composite software, this site can be used for 30 days for free. Create an account, make a beautiful flyer and then cancel if you don't need it. 


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